To Whom it may concern,

Studio Arcobaleno’s versatile directors and staff have collaborated  with Central Connecticut State University in different capacities and in a variety of occasions, such as: participation in CCSU Annual Conference for Language Teachers as both presenters and exhibitors; training workshops sponsored by the Italian American Committee of Education; supplying educational materials for the Italian Resource Center; organizing cultural activities associated with 2013 Summer Program in Milan for CCSU students; other events involving Italian language and culture directed to both teachers and students.

The support provided to the Modern Language Department and the Center Center for International Education made CCSU Summer Program in Milan a particularly successful experience. Studio Arcobaleno arranged accommodations in collaboration with the Cattolica University, excursions to other cities of Lombardy and to Turin, visits to museums, literary and artistic itineraries, and some lessons offered by local lecturers in both English and Italian. All aspects of the study abroad schedule were planned in consultation with CCSU faculty and were tailored to fit the needs of the participants, involving different age groups.

Additional collaborative plans for the near future include virtual  participation in CCSU Conference for Language Teachers to be held on March 8, and online lessons offered by Studio Arcobaleno Training and Education, to be incorporated into 2014 Summer Institute for Teachers of Italian.

Personally, I have been impressed by the competence, openness and expertise of Mirtilli Morgana, Sonia Beretta and Federica Protti. Should you need further information, feel free to contact me.

Carmela Pesca, Ph.D.
Professor and Assistant Chair, Modern Language Department
Director, Italian Resource Center
Central Connecticut State University

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to take this time to highly recommend Studio Arcobaleno for your travel needs. I teach Italian at Cresskill High School and in the past five years have taken three trips with this company, two in April and one in June.  All three have been nothing but amazing in every way!!! From the moment we arrived we were treated to the best of service and accommodations.  Our tour leaders have always immediately taken care of special requests and incidentals that come up along the way. My trips are composed of both students and adults. Both groups have had wonderful experiences and have made good friends along the way. In fact I have had some adults come on my trips all three times! The accommodations, the food and the program leave nothing to be desired. Our days have always been full as have our stomachs!

What I love mostly about Arcobaleno is the fact that it is not the usual cookie-cutter travel company that has pre-set travel itineraries that cannot be changed. I have worked with them to set a specific itinerary for my groups and they make sure to put it all together according to my requests. Also the day is organized like clockwork! From the arrival of our coach bus to meeting a specific tour guide, everyone is punctual and everything goes as planned. I love that!!

For these reasons and many more ( I don’t want to make this too long), I recommend this amazing company, Studio Arcobaleno, to anyone who is thinking of traveling with both students and adults to Italy. You will not be disappointed!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Sonia Minetti-Sengos
World Language Teacher
201-227-7791 ext.1025

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my distinct pleasure to recommend the services of Studio Arcobaleno Tour.  I have had the opportunity to work with many student travel agencies as well as adult touring agencies and never have I had the unique one on one services that I have experienced with Arcobaleno.  Before Arcobaleno Tour, I had led over 12 trips to Europe (mainly Italy) with as many as 45 participants so I was well aware of the type of trips offered for European travel.

After two trips to Italy with Studio Arcobaleno, I can honestly say that I would never organize a trip with any other agency.  Four years ago, I organized a trip to the Campania and Puglia region.  We had both adults and families with younger children.  I was able to choose the cities and locations that we wanted to visit.  We were also able to experience an “agriturismo” and stay in a wonderful converted farmhouse with all of the amenities of a hotel but with the beauty of the Italian countryside.  We were treated to authentic homemade pastas for dinner and jams and pastries for breakfast.  The best part of the trip was the incredible opportunity to see the many cultural treasures of not only the large Italian cities but in small towns off the beaten path.

I would never have been able to design my own cultural trip with any other agency.  I was able to choose the exact places I wanted to visit.  Everything was done for us from the plane tickets to the various museums that we visited.  The guides provided to us were extremely knowledgeable and always ready to answer any questions that we had.  So many of us enjoyed our first trip with Arcobaleno so much that we decided to organize another trip two years later.   Our second trip was even more memorable than the first.  Mirtilli and her group were so helpful in organizing our tour.  Once again they were able to fulfill all our requests and our trip was even more outstanding than the first.  We not only visited Florence but got to enjoy the beautiful treasures of Siena and Arezzo.  We also visited Gubbio a city that I always wanted to visit but would never have been able to do so with any other student tour group or even an adult group.

Mara Persampieri, Arcobaleno’s representative here in New York is fantastic.  She was able to answer any questions that we had and accommodate all our requests.  I highly recommend all of the group from Mirtilli to Federica.  They will do everything possible to make your trip to Italy the best yet.  I would never consider traveling with any other group.  Please feel free to contact me at (my school e-mail) or my home e-mail at


Angela Buzzelli

To Whom It May Concern:

As a long-time member and President of the Italian-American Center for Education (IACE), it is with great pleasure that I recommend Studio Arcobaleno Travel Agency. Studio Arcobaleno not only organizes educational trips specifically tailored for schools but also fosters the professional development   of teachers of Italian.

IACE has successfully collaborated with the agency since 1998, and participation to their professional development workshops has increased from eight teachers in the first year to eighty-one in 2013.

Studio Arcobaleno has an impeccable reputation for their education-focused travel. Many of the schools sponsored by IACE throughout the tri-state area have taken advantage of the agency’s services and have reported the highest levels of satisfaction; so much so that all of our schools continue to use Arcobaleno year after year for all their travel needs. Arcobaleno is revered for the way the agency tailors trips specifically to the perusal or group needs; itineraries are detailed and modified according to the objectives of that particular trip and prepared months before the date of departure along with the teachers and chaperons.

Professional development courses, both in person and online, are organized perfectly and participants always provide excellent feedback. As a result of Studio Arcobaleno’s continued professionalism seventeen books have been authored recounting the Italian cultural perspective. The agency’s multimedia precision offers an added affability that contributes to its continued success. Studio Arcobaleno would make an execellent addition to any team. Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.




Berardo Paradiso

To Whom It May Concern:

My relationship with Studio Arcobaleno goes back many years, beginning with language and methodology courses offered at the Italian Consulate in NYC through the Italian American Committee on Education (IACE). The courses offered by Studio Arcobaleno greatly affected my teaching.

In recent years, New York State has substantially reduced funding to education and cut back on state exams – including LOTE exams at all levels, while implementing the CCSS and APPR. Through the courses offered by the Italian methodologists and linguists, I have been able to infuse my curriculum with common core materials such as language-rich texts from science, history, manufacturing, art and music, etc. At the same time, with their textbooks, I have been able to specifically address the National Standards for LOTE within my lessons.

Since travelling with 31 high school students to Italy for 11 days, our Italian program has increased enrollment. The trip designed specifically for our high school students afforded these city youth a chance to be immersed in the language and culture of Italy, while still having a good time. I was worried that students would not appreciate all Italy had to offer, but through the unique itinerary, we were able to keep students constantly engaged in culture and learning, while using and expanding their language capabilities. The brisk pace of our tour (8 cities in 11 days) was perfect for young adolescents experiencing the world for the first time.

It is because of the enormous amount of positive feedback received,  that I have been able to schedule another trip, a year earlier than usual for 2015 for my high school students, some of which have started working to be able to travel again. Additionally, I have scheduled a summer trip for families that have studied Italian with me at our local Sons of Italy Lodge and Laziali nel Mondo Society. This trip is designed to keep both young and old engaged in culturally rich activities and enhance their knowledge of Italian language and culture.

There is no other company that provides such comprehensive services as teacher training, text books and other didactic materials and travel arrangements, while keeping in the forefront the age/level of the students and educators. No matter what the regular tour companies offer me, my focus, like Studio Arcobaleno’s, remains on the students and I know that the only way for my students to truly experience l’italianità is through Studio Arcobaleno’s meticulously planned and executed travel experiences.


Lisa Alonzi
Italian Teacher
Troy City School District
Troy, NY